The streamer launched a football championship in Roblox with the participation of real teams – it is broadcast even in sports bars

Brazilian content maker Santos Masinha organized a football championship in  Roblox called Copa Roblox, which is watched by tens of thousands of viewers at the same time. The portal told about this.

Tournament participants play for real football clubs from Brazil and Argentina. To hold the competition, the content maker independently developed a mode for Roblox and filled it with content. The broadcasts are very popular with the local public. Some matches, like the classic Argentine clash between River Plate and Boca Juniors, were watched by more than 100 thousand viewers simultaneously on Twitch. In addition, this meeting was shown in sports bars in Buenos Aires. Copa Roblox is actively covered on social networks by local celebrities, which adds even more attention to it.

Earlier it became known that the son of rapper Guf Sami Dolmatov became a victim of a scammer on Roblox. According to the boy, in total the attacker took possession of items worth about ₽50 thousand. His mother asked subscribers to help return the stolen items. Sami promised a reward to anyone who would assist in finding the fraudster.

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