Video of the day: the monkey completely completed Minecraft

American bloggers from the YouTube channel ChrisDaCow taught a chimpanzee named Kanzi to play Minecraft – the monkey was so successful in his work that he managed to completely complete the game, that is, kill the “Edge Dragon”.

Enthusiasts have been teaching Kanzi how to play Minecraft for almost six months. The experiment started  in the summer of 2023 – then the chimpanzee learned to move, destroy blocks, look for food, open doors and hit cacti. Monkeys play in multiplayer with people and under the constant supervision of specialists.

Monkeys play using a large touch screen. Your own fingers help you control, and a transparent game chamber allows you to avoid being distracted from the process, where the monkey receives a treat for every correct action.

The authors of the experiment stated that in six months the primate significantly improved its skills in playing Minecraft. So, Kanzi already knew how to accurately shoot with a bow and even spilled water under her feet in time so as not to receive damage from a fall.

Occasionally, a monkey interrupted gaming sessions in the middle of an intense battle, for example, the primate walked away from the screen when it was necessary to defeat the “End Dragon”. Fortunately, no one punished the animal for this – the chimpanzee herself decided when she should return to the game. After several attempts and with the support of people, the monkey finally managed to defeat the dragon, thereby reaching the end of Minecraft.

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