PUBG esports plans for 2024

PGC 2023 turned out to be a landmark event, becoming the most successful international PUBG championship to date. And this happened thanks to you, our fans! The championship was full of exciting matches featuring the best teams in the world and attracted huge crowds. The competition was as tough as ever, as evidenced by the difference between the 1st and 16th teams in the grand final being just 61 points. At its peak, we reached 1.5 million unique views, with an average match viewership of 900K and a whopping 11,730,000 total viewers.

A major development in 2023 was the return of the PUBG International Match Series (PGS), which increased the total number of global games. With the return of the series, the number of participating teams has also increased, giving players even more opportunities to demonstrate their skills at the highest level. In the 2023 season, the number of game days has increased from 21 (in 2022) to 36, and the total prize fund has almost doubled – from 2.5 to 4.8 million US dollars.

We’re excited to announce that for Season 2024, the regional series will begin in March, with the grand finale, the PUBG International Championship, taking place in December. 


In 2024, there will be four rounds of the international series of PUBG matches, each of which will feature a prize fund of 300 thousand US dollars. The series of matches will feature 24 teams, including 10 global partner teams and 14 teams from the regional series. The best teams will advance to the PGC.

Regional tournaments will be held in five regions: China, Korea, EMEA, Asia-Pacific and America. They will act as regional qualifying competitions and with their help players will be able to qualify for the largest tournaments of the year.

From each regional series, the following number of teams will go to the international series of PUBG matches:

  • CHINA – 2 places
  • KOREA – 3 places
  • EMEA – 2 places
  • APR – 4 seats
  • AMERICA – 3 places

The top 14 teams from the first regional series will compete in the 1st and 2nd PGS tournaments, and the 14 teams from the second regional series will compete in the 3rd and 4th.

Top-level global events: PGC 2024, PNC 2024 and others.

The PUBG International Championship remains the premier PUBG esports event, with only the best teams from the regional series and the PUBG International Match Series eligible to participate. We’ll share more details about PGC 2024 later this year.

We’re also excited to announce the return of the PUBG Nations Cup in 2024. This unique tournament sees PUBG eSports stars defend their country’s colors as they compete to be crowned the best nation in PUBG.

In addition, we are planning another global mid-season event, which will take place in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. We’ll announce more details later, so stay tuned!

As reported in our previous PUBG 2024 Global Partner Teams Announcement, the Global Partner program will be expanded from 8 to 10 participating teams. 

Our partner teams are critical to the success of PUBG esports, not only by participating in tournaments, but also by facilitating community engagement. These teams will receive direct invitations to PGS tournaments. In addition, unique items with team symbols will be created, which are in demand by eSports fans around the world.

We are currently re-evaluating current partners and carefully selecting new candidates to create a dynamic and competitive pool of teams for 2024.

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