What will be added in the Minecraft 1.21 update – Minecraft Live results

The annual Minecraft Live broadcast has ended, and now it has become known what will be added in the next version of the game.

To be honest, for my taste, the broadcast was quite boring and more like a long commercial break. But this is understandable why – the developers decided last year that on Minecraft Live they would only show what had already actually been implemented. No concepts or promises.

The voting was a little surprising. Even though I voted for the penguin, I thought the crab would win. But the players chose the armadillo. It is unknown whether the developers noticed the petition demanding to stop the voting. Although they diligently tried to hint about this in the broadcast chat.

What will be added to Minecraft 1.21

The next version of Minecraft will be all about combat and adventure. It can be assumed that the changes will also affect the combat system – at least it is known that they have been working on it for a long time.

Note: all translations of names given are preliminary, everything may change by the release of the game.

Trial Chamber

A new location will be added to the game – Trial Chamber. It will be built from tuff and copper blocks, as well as new decorative copper blocks, which will include copper grilles and lamps.

Copper bulbs

A copper lamp is a luminous block that shines dimly or brightly depending on the state of oxidation.

A dim lamp can be cleaned with an ax and it will begin to shine with bright light again.

It can be assumed that the lamps will oxidize over time, and thanks to wax this process can be stopped.

Trial Spawner

This block will be found in test palaces. When approaching him, he will spawn a certain number of monsters.

What kind of monsters it will be depends on the blocks located around it. The number of monsters will be determined by the number of players. After defeating monsters, prizes will drop from the spawner.


Breeze is a new hostile mob. In appearance it looks like a flash and a small tornado. He can fly and shoot at players, causing damage to them.

Whether it will be found anywhere other than the testing palaces is unknown.

Armadillo (Armadillo)

As I wrote above, the battleship won the vote.

Armadillos will be found in savannas. They can curl up into a ball and drop armor plates, from which you can craft armor for… a dog.


The Assembler is a new block, an automatic workbench. It creates items using the same recipe, but can be controlled using redstone.

Upon a signal from the redstone, if the collector has the required ingredients and they are laid out in the correct form, he will begin to create items.

To ensure that resources are correctly loaded into the collector using the funnel, inactive blocks can be locked.

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