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Minecraft games (Maincraft) is a unique pixel universe with a huge variety of genres, maps, features and modes. Minecraft is a sandbox, an open world for survival, creativity, and adventure.

History of Minecraft

This game was not a unique development, since even before its appearance there were several projects developing in parallel, in which the actions also took place in a cubic universe. One of the progenitors of the cubic universe was the game Infiniminer, in which you had to find all the cubes marked in red, moving around a not very large square space. At one time, Infiniminer was quite popular in the Indie environment, but it lacked some unique idea that would allow players to be drawn in and immersed in a fairy-tale world, forgetting about what happens in real life. Besides the lack of interesting features, Infiniminer could not boast of a big world either. The entire territory of the level was only a small square of 100 by 100 meters.

Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, decided to borrow the idea of ​​a cubic world and wrote the first alpha version of his future hit in just a week. Markus Persson was a good programmer and had been developing games since childhood, so writing code using plain Java was not a big deal. Textures were also made without difficulty, which even a small boy could draw, because they had a very low resolution.

Minecraft from ideas to hits

But Marcus, or “Notch” as he is now known, was able to come up with a brilliant idea, to cross the sandbox with a survival game. So, it became possible to extract wood, stone, iron and other resources, as well as craft all kinds of items. But at the beginning, most of the items were intended specifically for mining, and only after a certain time, interior items appeared designed to decorate dwellings and other buildings.

 The second important feature was the almost complete emulation of our world, the times of day and even hours were made in Minecraft, which went several times faster than the real ones. And with the onset of darkness, terrible creatures hunting for you got out of the deep caves and when you start the game, your goal was to survive the first night by making yourself an underground shelter or a whole house!

But there was another mode that allowed you to play Minecraft using creative mode, when anyone could create huge fortresses or even entire cities from square blocks. Thanks to alpha and beta testers, the game has the first additions that allow you to change the design textures and create even more bizarre and realistic buildings.

 Using high resolution textures, people could create replicas of great cultural monuments, replicas of famous landmarks and vast fantasy worlds from the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings universes.

Thanks to these modes, which we will return to, the Minecraft game for boys and girls became a hit very quickly, first in Switzerland, where it was created, and then in the USA, Europe, Russia and the rest of the world! But despite the growing popularity, it was in beta test for a very long time and only by the end of 2011 the release version was released! Now, you can play it both on a computer, under Windows, MAC OS, LINUX, and on smartphones and tablets running IOS and Android. And even fans of consoles are not deprived and can buy special versions, converted to control the joystick!

Modes and interesting features

Due to its simplicity, a full-fledged 3D Minecraft game will work on almost any computer and laptop! The only thing you need is only about 200 megabytes of hard disk space. But those who are tired of the regular version can play Minecraft mini games for boys and girls on our website! Some of them are made in the 2D world, some are very similar to the full version, and the last part is arcade games that use some elements from their older brother. For example – blocks, textures, an element of mining with a pickaxe, etc. Well, in the full version, you can choose one of three game modes.

Survival is one of the most interesting modes, which, however, after some time gets bored due to the lack of variety in actions, but this is easily treated with third-party modifications. Once in the new world, your inventory is empty. There is nothing at all, no clothes, no weapons, no food! So you need to act and do something soon. To get started, orient yourself by the sun, what time is it. If the sun is at its zenith, then about 12 and by analogy with the real world.

After understanding how much is left before sunset and the appearance of dangerous creatures, look for and start mining the tree needed to create wooden tools. Having made an ax and a pickaxe out of wood, you can chop wood a little more, in reserve, and then go in search of a stone from which you can already build iron tools! Having obtained a stone, and having made more durable tools and weapons, run along the outskirts and look for sheep. You can find them by their characteristic sounds, which cannot be confused. Watch the time carefully, it goes very fast in Minecraft! If you haven’t found any sheep and it’s already getting dark, then build yourself a shelter!

You can even start with a small cave made in the rock. To illuminate it, you can use the coal mined in the search for a stone. True, if you did not find the sheep, then you will not be able to build a bed, which means that you will be awake all night and listen to the terrible cries of monsters. Minecraft online survival game is even more interesting entertainment, because you can fight monsters and build your world together with your best friend! There are several characteristic features in such survival.

Firstly, you cannot get lost, because if you scatter in different directions, then there is a high probability that you will no longer meet. It is also very important to do business with an honest person in whom you have complete confidence and trust. But playing Minecraft online, for free and without registration, will not work. The licensed version will cost you 800 rubles per person, and the pirated version is very unstable and may constantly crash or even not start at all. To the survival mode, you can include all kinds of maps created by users and designed for both single and co-op.

Creative is a very interesting mode in which you become the god of a new world! You get immortality, the ability to fly above the ground, at any height and unlimited use of any blocks available in the game. In addition to blocks, it will be possible to settle animals and pour all kinds of liquids. Creative in Minecraft allows you to build any structures, regardless of their size and the number of blocks required for them. The only thing you need is time.

Basic tools in Minecraft

  • Pickaxe – designed for the extraction of useful minerals: ores, iron, silver, gold, diamonds and sulfur.
  • An ax is for extracting wood.
  • Sword – for fighting monsters and getting food.
  • Shovel – necessary for faster digging of soft layers of soil.
  • Furnace – needed to smelt gold.
  • The chest is a very important item that allows you to free up your inventory.

Minecraft game: modes, features

When entering the Minecraft world, the gamer gets access to the base character. This is Steve. He has minimal skills, but he can be upgraded to a cool hero or replaced with a stronger version. Depending on which mode Steve chooses, he will be able to create, build, walk, fly, fight.

The project has 4 main modes:

  1. Survival. Requires extraction and rational use of resources – to fight monsters, hunger, current dangers.
  2. Creation. Allows crafting, as well as unlimited use of blocks to change the existing world. The hero is immortal.
  3. Adventures. Offers to travel on maps, requires basic knowledge of survival. Destruction of blocks is carried out only with tools suitable for this.
  4. Hardcore. The game “in an adult way” – when a character dies, the entire game world is immediately erased from memory. It is impossible to restore the hero.

Playing Minecraft is easy and fun!

The site presents the best free collections for online games. Top headed by:

  • “Paper Minecraft” is a two-dimensional project with even more content, dungeons, blocks, maps.
  • Orion Sandbox is a Minecraft-style game where the action takes place on another planet.
  • Mine Blocks is a challenging 2D mining and world development game. Resources are located in the mines, and you can get them only with the help of special tools.

With each version and development, gamers discover new opportunities, skins, mods, maps, which makes the universe cooler and more interesting.

Minecraft crafting recipes

As you probably already know, there are a lot of different items in Minecraft that you can craft, but there are so many of them that it’s almost impossible to remember them all, and besides, new recipes come out with new game updates. And so we have created a Minecraft recipe catalog for you, here are all the Minecraft crafting recipes.

Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer inMinecraftallows multiple players to interact with each other in the same world.It is accessible through direct multiplayer between games, LAN, local split screen (console only), and servers (hosted by players and business servers).Players can run their own servers, use a hosting provider, or connect directly to another player’s game via Xbox Live.Single player worlds have support local network, which allows players to join the world on locally connected computers without setting up a server.

Minecraftare controlled by server operators who have access to server commands such as setting the time of day and teleporting players.Operators may also place restrictions on which usernames orIP addressesallowed or denied access to the server. Multiplayer servers have a wide range of activities, with some servers having their own unique rules and customs.The largest and most popular server isHypixel, which has been visited by over 14 million unique players. player versus playercombat (pvp) can be enabled for fights between players. Many servers have custom plugins installed that allow you to do things that are not normally possible.

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